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ny staffing schedule has one goal—to ensure that the best people are deployed where they will be most effective and where they are most needed. But no matter how carefully you plan, schedules are certain to change. Day to day. Even hour to hour.

With the iNOVAR® Resource Management System from Workgroup Connections, Inc., you will have a one-stop approach to handle staffing changes and manage resources more effectively throughout the enterprise. Developed to meet the complex staffing requirements of the healthcare industry, iNOVAR® meets the needs of any organization scheduling as few as 20 or more than 20,000 employees. iNOVAR gives you the tools and information to make better, more informed decisions, ensure department coverage, control staffing costs, maximize productivity, support organizational goals, and improve employee satisfaction.

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See what's new in version 2.90 including a host of features that will help you work more efficiently.

Also, register to check out the new Employee Self Service Module which provides employees with the ability to request time off, check and/or fill unmet needs, input schedule preferences and even self schedule! All features are seamlessly integrated and controlled via the main iNOVAR interface.