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Example Two: Staff Scheduling Automation
Many organizations are striving to move from a pen and paper scheduling process to an automated environment. The iNOVAR® Resource Management system has been able to reduce the time necessary to prepare and adjust schedules by over 50%. While that does not necessarily reduce FTE time, it does allow that time to be utilized more effectively. In addition, the key cost savings from the iNOVAR® system comes from the Schedule Manager's ability to provide volume and staffing data to management. Departmental volume-based staffing grids designed to incorporate staffing targets by position. Staffing guidelines alert management throughout the scheduling process and day to day schedule management to over/under utilization of staff based on volume on a shift by shift basis. This functionality provides effective control of resource dollars.

The example below calculates potential cost savings based on time saved by automating the scheduling process.

Reduction in Manager's Time Spent Scheduling

# of Managers
Avg. Hours
Per Week
Cost to
Annual Cost to
10 $20 6 $1,200 $62,400
20 $20 6 $2,400 $124,800
30 $20 6 $3,600 $187,200
*Proposed Savings Based on Time Reductions  Annual Cost Savings
  30% Reduction of Scheduling Hours $37,440
  40% Reduction of Scheduling Hours $49,920
  50% Reduction of Scheduling Hours $62,400
* (Based on 20 Managers @ 4 Hours per/week)   

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