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Example Three: Centralized Staffing Agency or Staffing Resource Center Model
Many organizations have moved to provide a centralized staffing "agency" service to the departments within their facilities. In many organizations, searching for staff to fill open positions, searching within home departments, other similar departments and as a last step utilizing outside agencies is a very time consuming and costly process. We have assisted organizations in centralizing the process of filling open positions by providing the functionality of the Float Pool Module. Many of our clients now centralize call-ins or requests for staff, and a central location performs the search for the department and fills the open position. Many organizations are hiring their own supplemental staff and utilizing them through the organization in an attempt to reduce the outside agency costs.

Each time an organization fills a position with a supplemental or departmental staff member (even working overtime), the cost is much less than the hourly rate of outside agencies. If an organization has 10 requests a day and the difference in cost between utilizing inside staff versus outside agency is even calculated at a mere $6.00 per hour, 10 requests multiplied by 8 hours equals a total of 80 hours. Eighty (80) hours multiplied by $6.00 per hour is a cost savings to the organization of $480 per day. Taking it one step further, $480 per day multiplied by 30 days per month equals $14,400 per month. Annual savings with 10 requests a day could equate to savings for the organization of over $172,000.00! An impressive rate of return on a centralized staffing and scheduling solution.

Consolidating multiple facility staffing requests can also provide organizations with a stronger arm in negotiating agency contracts. With one department representing the needs of the organization, economies of scale are created; therefore the ability to negotiate global staffing fees with outside agencies based on volume can provide large savings to an organization.

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