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Ensure Department Effectiveness
Build department profiles in a snap. iNOVAR's Department Module handles the critical enterprise, facility, and department information needed to effectively manage staffing requirements, including:
  • a range of "leading indicators" which affect staffing variances, including facility and department-specific demographics and census/volume/severity indicators
  • department position descriptions and required licenses and qualifications
  • department specific shift codes, including start and stop times
  • required budgeted and scheduled employees by department
iNOVAR uses this information to automatically feed the schedule manager and help you proactively manage staff by department and provide up-to-the-minute analysis of staffing requirements by shift.

Maximize Resources
Need to fill a last minute vacancy on a shift? iNOVAR's unique Flex Pool Module allows you to:

  • search within departments, groups, facilities, across the entire enterprise, or a central staffing department
  • access search results on-line, find all employees available to fill the open position and their contact information
  • post confirmed employees directly to the schedule with a click of a button
  • get an at-a-glance on-line view of department staffing requests currently in process or those that have been filled
  • review requests to the system by department or by status of request
Many organizations have used iNOVAR to create a centralized staffing "agency" to service the departments within their facilities. Each time an organization fills a position with a supplemental or departmental staff member (even working overtime), the cost is much less than the hourly rate charged by outside agencies.

Schedule Proactively
Generate schedules with point-and-click simplicity, then update them on the fly. Using the Schedule Manager, you can:

  • add and delete employees from the schedule, as needed any time
  • create Schedule Templates to easily import employee preferences and rotations with the click of a button
  • review a summary screen showing employee totals by position, shift, and time blocks
  • get an on-line view of staffing variances based on leading indicators, such as census/volume and severity, to ensure staffing targets are met
Built-in features help enhance productivity. iNOVAR's permanent pen option allows you to select a shift and repetitively click on daily cells to enter scheduled shifts. And iNOVAR provides unlimited scheduling into future months. Once the schedule is complete, iNOVAR's Report Writer automatically generates daily staffing sheets upon request or on a flexible fixed schedule.

Manage Employees Individually, Equitably
It's easy to accommodate employee preferences and treat them equitably in staffing situations. Detailed departmental employee information enables effective competency-based staffing by name, department, or employee number. The Employee Module maintains a comprehensive profile for each employee, including:

  • name, home facility, department, position, address, phone, and e-mail contact
  • rotational staffing preferences, including preferred facility, department, and shift
  • facilities to which an employee can and cannot float
  • employee availability dates and times in addition to their schedule
  • qualification information, including certifications, licenses, inservices, orientations, and any expiration dates
  • wages, full time employment status, and other differential information needed by managers

Communicate Efficiently
Post a quick reminder note to department supervisors. Or a private message concerning an employee issue. The system provides a notepad and discussion database that serves as an on-line management tool. Create, categorize, and track free-form text notations about employee documentation or departmental administrative details. It can also provide tracking for employee reviews, license renewal notations, and other need-to-know details.

Get Help, Provide Feedback
Use integrated on-line support to forward questions about the system or its performance directly to the iNOVAR support desk for analysis, status, and resolution.

iNOVAR's built-in Help function provides one-click access to an on-line User Guide, a database of general use and detailed instructions and graphics.

Choose Excellence
The iNOVAR implementation process is designed to get you up and running quickly, so you and your staff can focus on using the system rather than building it. Our skilled implementation team maintains a high level of technical excellence matched by a wide range of business experience, allowing us to empower business professionals to solve their most challenging problems.

We work closely with you to determine the specific scheduling requirements of every department, create profiles of each position and all employees, build department staffing rules, and input all of that information for you. We also handle conversion of any existing historical data. It's fast, saves you time and effort, and keeps the implementation on track.

Workgroup Connections, Inc. provides thorough training for all levels of your staff—from management to everyday users. Small class sizes in topic-focused sessions maximize learning. Our comprehensive ongoing system support is the best in the industry, providing multiple support options designed to fit your organization's needs.

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